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o/ hello

All of my RUT240 devices are connected with RMS.

Multiple times some RUT240 devices are offline what where previous online.

Since I can not connect to the RUT240 gateway, I use an Isocket SMS unit to switch on and off the power to reboot the RUT240 gateway.

Unfortunately it's not fail proof.

Is there an auto-reboot RUT240 if RMS connection fails?

Your help is much appreciated. TIA!

1 Answer

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There are not many factors that could cause RMS connection to go down and not all of them are coming from device itself.

I would first suggest try using auto-reboot functionality on loss of mobile data connection, as this is the most common reason with RMS connection goes down too.

But if it's specifically RMS that goes down and not mobile data connection - please try resetting your router to default factory settings and unregister/register it to RMS platform again.

In overall, RMS connectivity option for auto-reboot is still a great suggestion and I will give it to RnD.

Thank you for you feedback!


Thank you for your reply. 

I'm using the auto-reboot functionality as of today and it works. Saves me a lot of headache and stress.laugh