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I purchased 1 unit of RUT240 from Soracom in Japan.

Also I want to buy some credits for our testing in Japan.

Which distributor are selling RMS credit to Japanese user ?


I asked Soracom, but they does not sell RMS and also they don't know any RMS at all.

I checked RMS "Where to Buy" page and found 2 reseller "ARDENT NETWORKS" and "GO WIRELESS NZ".

I asked "ARDENT NETWORKS" with e-mail and I received redirected message to "Ms. Gina Lim, AVP of Sales from Telecommunications and Computer Technologies Inc. (TCTI)". Then I re-send quote request to "gina888lim@yahoo.com" <gina888lim@yahoo.com> in Dec. 23, but no any reply is arrived until today.

In another, I opened "GO WIRELESS NZ" shopping site. But this site does not accept Japanese address on user registration form. I wonder if I can buy RMS credit in Japan.

I agree with you the impossible quiz

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Try contacting GO Wireless NZ by email and asking if they have some kind of other form for you to fill out to use Japanese address. I believe they should have solution for this.

If it's unsuccessful I will contact our sales managers and see if we can make a purchase possible directly from us.

Thank you for your advice.

Already I asked Go Wireless sales via E-mail yesterday. I am waiting reply from sales.
Thank you for your support.

From Japan, I purchased RMS software licenses at Go Wireless, NZ website.
Glad to hear that you've sorted your issue.