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Is it possible to configure the search order of the LTE bands in the EC25? According to our network provider we should not limit the band usage. Probable this is to make sure that there is no problem if there is a change of band in the future. The problem we have now is that it takes a long time (60-80 seconds) for our units to register on the network after power on or modem reboot. Limiting band usage to B20 gives us ~20 seconds from modem power on to IP address. Simcards from other operators, for example Tele2, SE on LTE B3 will register and get IP address in ~10 secs with default settings.

I suspect one of the reasons here is the band search order. Can this be configured?

The problems we get from long registration delays is time out of sync (NTP sync occurs before network is up and running), strange sim switching behaviour (primary sim not considered healthy), vpn connection problems (wireguard needs the rtc to move forward), logging errors (remote logging needs correct timestamps) etc.

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I contacted RnD to get more information about this functionality and will come back to you once I have an answer.

Thank you.


Hi, please use this AT command to test if it works as you expect it to.

You can execute AT commands with gsmctl -A AT+....



<band1> Band id of first preferred LTE band, range from 1 to 43

<band2> Band id of second preferred LTE band, range from 1 to 43

<band3> Band id of third preferred LTE band, range from 1 to 43