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Is it possible to monitor the input state of a io input on a TRB140.

On the wiki i only find information about how to set a output by CGI command, i like to read the state off a input by HTTP get command or SNMP. To monitor the state in for example PRTG, to raise a alarm when a input get high.

In the actions menu there is a HTTP option but this wil only send a HTTP post or get command, i like to poll for the input state.

Best Regard. Johan

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I found the OID of the input state.


But this doesnt seams to work. I get a SNMP No such Object response.
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I would like to ask you where did you find this OID for input state (.

I have checked our wiki and there is no information about input state OID for TRB140. Was it in the MiB file?

Best regards.

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Sorry, i was wrong. The OID was for the trap message en not SNMP get.

It looks like there is no oid for the input state sad. Would be nice if it was available. Is there a way with HTTP get to poll the input state ?

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You can choose HTTP POST/GET as your action on triggering the input.

Navigate to Services > Input/Output, choose Input and you will be able to add the rule with HTTP POST/GET.

After you add the rule, all the possible configurations should be visible to you.

More about this feature: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Input/Output#Input_Rules

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Yes i know this, but with this option the TRB sends a HTTP POST/GET to a destination when the input changes. I want to poll from a network monitoring tool for the state of this input. By this way we can log the state of the input a interval.