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We have a site that turns there power off nightly. In the morning the devices boot when they get power.

We have a Meraki that sits behind a Teltonika RUT240. Depending on the boot order we notice the Meraki can get internet access, although the site-to-site VPN (Meraki) won't connect to the hub.

Rebooting the Meraki resolves the issue, has anyone experienced the issue? Is there some setting that we're able to apply to ensure we don't need to reboot the Meraki daily?

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I believe what I could offer is to check if your RUT240 has the latest firmware update installed and other VPN services work well.

In this case, as it's a very specific case, I would try your luck in the forums of Meraki as we never had a chance to test it ourselves and they may know better what is going on with their product.