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by anonymous

I read RMS API "Generates a WebUI link for a device"​​​​​​ to access to RUT240 with WebUI Link.

On the RMS page, I got a URL like such as "https://bf0739cd(...omit 28 chars)".

But RMS API responses only data like such as "QfEJf0s6(...omit 56 chars)" which is not seemed WebUI Link URL.

How can I use  use the response value of "/devices/${id}/connect/webui" API to access the target device's WebUI ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The easiest way to get all generated URLs is by using the "/devices/{id}/links" endpoint. It simply lists all generated WebUI and CLI links.

Currently there is no simple way of getting any useful information out of the API meta channel responses, as the "POST /devices/{id}/connect/webui" API endpoint is mainly used to simply generate the WebUI links and not to list them after generation.

by anonymous

Thank you for your advice. Do you mean as follows ?

To get a WebUI Link with RMS API,

  1. Execute /devices/{id}/connect/webui RMS API to generate WebUI Link. This API does not show any URLs yet. It may takes several seconds.
  2. Execute /device/{id}/links RMS API to show already generated non-expired WebUI Links for the device.
by anonymous

Yes, exactly. 

First you generate a WebUI link using /devices/{id}/connect/webui, then using /device/{id}/links  you get all generated WebUI links that are currently active.

by anonymous

Thank you for your support.

I got WebUI Link with RMS API /devices/{id}/connect/webui and /device/{id}/links .