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After creating a user script, by uploading it from the GUI, I cannot make any buttons or the window on the page reset, clear, save changes  or upload a new script.

The only way I managed to change the User script that I had uploaded, was by deleting the two files directly in the OS (/overlay/upper/lib/uci/upload/cbid.rc.1.rc_upl and /overlay/upper/etc/rc.local),
then reapply latest firmware version to recreate /overlay/upper/etc/rc.local

Then I could upload a new User script.

What am I doing wrong?, or is it a bug in the GUI?.

Thanks, Dannie

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Could you please fully reset the router? All the files required should again reappear and be editable.

If it doesn't work, please provide more information on how to reproduce your issue so I could report it to RnD.