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I have the RUT950 with Firmware ..5.04

Everything works fine and i am very satisfied. Only one problem:

When i want to use the router as WiFi Client, i have to scan the WiFi Networks around. You show a warning, that the connection is lost while scanning and i cannot see the result, so i can use this function only, when i connected via Ethernet cable.

An other person has the 955 in his mobile Van and he told me, that - regardless the warning - this function works also, when he is only connected via the routers wlan. The scan results will be shown correctly and he can change the wifi settings and choose the right AP.


Is this possible and why? Do the 950 and 955 work in a different way in this case (Wifi AP scan)?

And if so, is there a software update in sight for my 950 ?

Thank you.

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Problem solved!

I had the problem, that my Notebook automatically logged into my home WiFi, when the RUT950 disconnected for scan. That was the matter why i never saw the scan results.

Now i disable all automatic logins to other networks before the scan and everything works fine.
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It depends how you connect to the router WebUI, if yo connect to router via it's wireless network (WiFi) and you try to do WiFi scan then you will lose connection. Maybe other person has been connected to the router remotely via internet? And that's could explain why he haven't lost connection to the router when he did wireless scan.