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This is 2 part question, related to each other:

1) My SW on LAN side "pumps" interface speed between 100M and 1G; I would like to enforce it to 1G. I could not find entry where to force Teltonika RUTX09 LAN port for anything NOT AUTODETECT; e.g. I want to have it fixed 1G. Any pointers or guidance for this?

2) As it happened; I would like to enable such via SMS. I have admin access via SMS to the box. What I only need is to enable LAN port for fixed 1G via SMS. Accomplishable? How? SMS reference on such is quite poor (or maybe just I am :)).

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by anonymous

On our devices ports are automatically 1000Mbps and cannot be changed, as this would require firmware and hardware changes. As I understand, it's probably your device that changes throughput from 1000Mbps to 100Mbps so you must set it on your device instead.

Also, try checking if your cable is at least CAT 5e to give out and receive full 1000Mbps transmit. It could also be that it's damaged and your software detects it as lower standard.

Best answer
Thanks for your reply,

however - bit odd. I do receive notifications from RUT via SMS stating port speed set to 100Mbps. And it worked.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

BTW: And can not use ethtool either?
by anonymous
I believe with ethtool you will be able to set only WAN to certain limits, but with LAN ports you will not be permitted to do it, as these ports settings are non-negotiable.