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Due to the pandemic we got a somewhat specialized request from a customer. They want to be able to test that the Modbus interface is functioning correctly before doing the final installation. Normally we'd travel to on-site and setup a PLC with simulation software to test that the function is correct. Due to the current circumstances we'd like to:

- Send data from Modbus RTU master to a cloud platform (or directly to another gateway/router)

- Receive that data to a Modbus RTU slave, and then respond back with additional data

Is it possible to use a gateway/router, for example a RUT955, to receive Modbus master data via the internet? Or can you only send data from it?

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by anonymous

To send data to some kind of server please use Data to Server functionality within the Modbus:

Unfortunately, there is no way for slave to query information from something else and then respond to it in the same manner, in this case, only Master device is able to query the information from the slave device, and then the slave responds with the data according to request.