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I have a RUT850 that comes with two flat adhesive LTE antennas. The router is used in a SUV with windows alle the way round and the router is placed in the back of the cabin - question is how to place the antennas to get the best signal possible.

Does it make any difference if they are placed vertically or horisontally ?

Should they both be on the same side of the car or one on each side ?

Is there any specific min. or max. distance between them (well cable length of course) ?

My plan was to mount them one on each side of the car, vertically at the far rear end of the windows on the inside.

Thanks, Dannie

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1. With adhesive flat antennas you should mount them vertically as they have vertical polarisation.

2.To maximize signal quality I would recommend mounting them separated, so it's up to you either it is back and front of the car, or just left and right sides of the car.

3. There is none, it depends on the antenna and cable itself. It is practical to use as less length as possible because the longer the cable, the more significant packet loss there is.

Thanks a lot,