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I am looking on this device as Industrial Automation Engineer. This is potentially very good device for this king of uses. There is room for improvement on software side but now I want to make my remarks on Hardware side.

The simple trues is, that it is unmountable. I see there are slots. It would not be hard to make mounts.

1. Bracket to mount device on a DIN rail.
2. Mounts "ears" to screw device to surfaces.

It is often that you mount devices like this in a control cabinet. It protects device from environment. Fo this would be nice to have external antennas. Antena with magnet with wire 1m long. That would allow to install device in the cabinet and antennas outside of the cabinet.

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by anonymous
Hello Sergey.

Thanks for your feedback.

I would like to share with you some information about mounting options and available antenna options.

You can also use any antenna that meets these requirements.

Best regards.