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Configuration:  Brand New RUT240, FW 01.13.3

  • Cellular Network > RUT240 > ONVIF Camera
  • When connected directly to RUT240 I am able to access the Camera's Web Interface
  • Web UI - Network > Firewall > Port Forwarding [New Rule]
    • Name:  Camera Name
    • Protocol:  TCP, UDP
    • Source:  From any host in wan
    • Via:  To any router IP at port 8800
    • Destination:  Forward to IP
    • Enable:  Checked

I am unable to reach to the Camera from the WAN.  

  • I followed the Step by Step guide.  But I ONLY configured the Port Forwarding rule, everything else is default.  Am I missing something.
  • Are there any Logs I can review?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

1. Do you have a public IP on the SIM that is inserted in your router?

2. VIA should be the IP of your router, so for example: and any port you like, as it will be used to connect from external network and has nothing to do with the destination port.

3. Also, make sure you enabled remote access in System > Administration > Access Control

In the end, you should be able to reach your camera from external network with address: yourPublicIP:8800

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In LTE mode, very few operators offer direct acces ton your external IP adress. If you test what your IP is on the net, you will find another IP adress than your public adress. This is because the operator has is proper routing gateway and the IP adress it's give to you is , in fatc, an internal provider's LAN IP.