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by anonymous
Dear community,

I have a brand new RUT240. It works as LTE router with 2x LAN + Wifi.

Unfortunately, the Wifi performance is very disappointing. I can only connect devices in around 1-2 meter distance. When moving further away, it loses the connection.

I have set the wireless power to 100%, Antennas properly attached, firmware upgraded, rebooted multiple times.

The router incl. the antennas is located at the very same position than my pervious 3G router (which I am replacing because 3G reaches end-of-life here sooon). So, that position is proven to work well.

Anyone else with such experience?

Anthing else that I might have overlooked?

Thanks for your help,

by anonymous
Try to play first with the region. Second with the channel of the wifi. Basically the 2.4 GHz frequency is too wasted with other nets with same frequencies. So the channel change can help to decrease the influence of neighbor wifi nets.
Thankx for the comment.

It's the only Wifi network within one mile, so there is no channel conflict.

What exactly would be the impact of region selection?
by anonymous
The impact is in that that different regions have different strength for the wifi module. Its coming from the local regulations. The best strength of the signal is for US. Try.
Dear 1qqq, thank you. I will try this.
by anonymous
I'm also having this issue.

Device is otherwise working brilliantly but the wireless range is unacceptable - it also reconnects frequently/drops out.

i have tried with various devices. iphone, ipad, android phone tablet, laptop - its all the same, range is 1-2metres.

There is definitely some issue with the device
by anonymous
I too have this problem with RUT240, unfortunately the WiFi is really weak.

It's really a pity, but the RUT240 is a low quality device, and the company that produces it has never provided answers or solutions to the customers who bought it

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Firstly check if your antennas are attached properly.

Then you could try checking if there's nothing blocking your 2.4 Ghz frequency, it could be anything from electronic kitchen furniture to another router.

Also, you could try resetting your router and see if there's anything that might have been wrong in your configuration.

by anonymous
Antennas are attached, position is very same than previous router. Multiple reboots did not solve anything. ... I have added that to my initial post.
by anonymous
We had similar issues where RUT240 WiFi is too weak for some people. And, unfortunately, there's nothing much to do to fix it if my methods above didn't help.

Please consider returning the device as it's a hardware issue and nothing much we can do about it.


Thanks for the answer. 

Do you mean 

a) it is a production error with this one device, so I will return and get a new one which will (hopefully) function well or

b) this is an issue with all RUT240 devices, so I need to look for another solution


by anonymous
It may differ from one to another RUT240, newer batches seem to not have this issue that often, but sometimes it's just a user error. So it's hard to tell which are good and which are not as there are too many factors to decide from.

I would highly recommend returning it and ordering the new RUT360 which is RUT240 but upgraded.


Dear Ernestas, I very much appreciate your openness.

Out of curiosity: what type of user error (which means it is my fault) do you think of? I am asking because I did not do much: open the box, grab the device, add SIM card, cables, and antennas, upgrade firmware, configure Wireless and DHCP, add port forwarding and that's it.

Seriously, I would love to be "just too stupid" because there is usually a simple and quick fix for "user stupidity" smiley

Any suggestions what else I could try?

by anonymous
User errors would be something that users didn't do correctly or somehow managed to break it, I'm in any way not saying that you did that, but that is one of the factors that sometimes doesn't let us identify the root of the issue. So if something is not working it could be something done by the user, or it also could be a defect in the hardware.

OK, got it. So will try 1qqq suggestion and if it does not help, return RUT240, which (according to your statements) seems to be very sensitive to "user contact".

I hope that RUT360 is more "robust" for the >50% extra price.
by anonymous
So, nothing has solved my problem. I am returning the RUT240 now.

As the new suggestion RUT360 seems to be not yet available, I probably need to get my next device from China. What a pity!
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by anonymous
@kame I ended up lodging a warranty with teltonika and got a replacement.

 The new one is super reliable in all regards.

Suggest you return your item
by anonymous
What model did you buy?

Mine was purchased on Amazon (not from Teltonika) on April 3, 2022, I don't think they will give me back the full amount paid
by anonymous

I bought a RUT240,same as the OP

You do not need to go back to the amazon seller - go directly to teltonika and make a warranty claim

I can't recall the process but they will direct you to either return it the seller or them directly - you are entitled to a replacement for a faulty product