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In the page Questions and Answers // December 02, 2020 // 10:00, is stated that the RUTXR1 cannot be powered neither active or passive PoE : 

Q: Have you a devices that support PoE?

A: Yes, TSW100 switch supports 802.3 af and at PoE standards. However RUTXR1 cannot be powered neither active or passive PoE.

However, in the RUTXR1 Manual > RUTXR1 Powering Options, is affirmed that

The device may also be powered by an Ethernet cable via the LAN1 port

I'm missing something ?

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Wiki is not right and I will try to remove false information as soon as possible from there. RUTXR1 can neither be powered nor power other devices.

Sorry for this confusion.


Hi HB.

Thanks for your reply.

It is unfortunate that the RUTXR1 cannot be powered by either Active PoE or Passive PoE as erroneously stated in the user manual. (and still mentioned here)

As we already have one RUTXR1, we're wondering if it would possible to use:

- 1 x Teltonika 4pin Power Cable with 4-way Screw Terminal (PR2FK20M)
- 1 x RJ45 Male Plug to 8 Pin Screw Terminal

And use a Passive PoE switch to power the RUTXR1 as following:

- PR2FK20M.1 Red (Power +) to RJ45.4 (DC+)
- PR2FK20M.2 Black (Ground -) to RJ45.8 (DC-)

Of course, there would no be a way to send TCP data over the Teltonika 4pin Power Cable, however our main issue is how to power the RUTXR1 without using the 2 Pin EU Plug Power Supply.

Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you for the link where RUTXR1 still was mentioned in.

Yes, looks like your idea of powering should be good as long as the power coming through is in the 9-50VDC range.