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There is no realtime clock on the TRB, or no battery associated to save the hour during TRB shutdown down. Is there a solution for that case ?

I see that when the TRB is powered off, at the restart, the date isn’t correctly set. So the TRB will update from the Internet at startup. This time will remain incorrect until the update from the Internet is done.

In my application, the standard firmware supplied by teltonika isn’t used, we build a dedicated firmware and application, based on the OpenWRT available on Teltonika website.

This application communicates with devices as soon as the TRB is powered, and stores data with the TRB timestamp. That’s why I need a correct timestamp.

Of course it’s a specific moment, normally, the Internet connection will come fast, but sometimes not … That’s why I want to know if Teltonika have a solution for the realtime clock, and specificly the battery.

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Maybe a USB RTC stick would do. Something like https://www.bastioninfotech.com/products/hardware-keys/rtc-real-time-clock-dongle-key.html. For the interface you'll probably be a bit on your own but as you already build your dedicated firmware ...

Just my two cents.