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by anonymous
Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to run two sets of Wifi antennas from a single RUT955?

I am trying to achieve maximum coverage on a 60ft Narrowboat without needing to run a separate Wifi access point as with the boat run from batteries any power saving that is possible is important.

The RUT955 is installed at the front and the Wifi antennas are just laying down in the ceiling space (about an inch) not ideal I know and I will likely replace with a circular ceiling MIMO antenna at some point.

In any case I have tried various antenna positions and the best coverage of usable signal I can achieve from the single pair of antennas is around 30' along the boat so I'm wondering if installing a second pair of antennas to the rear of the boat would provide signal coverage to the rear area currently out of range?

My knowledge of RF is vague & limited but I'm assuming if it is possible I will need to use some form of combiner/Power divider and that at such high frequencies any sort of antenna matching is not required but i'm not certain about the effects of phase shift etc if a device is within range of both sets of antennas?

Any advice much appreciated.

by anonymous

You could try a leaky feeder cable, yes I know is sounds strange, just google it 'leaky feeder'. Essentially you would run the cable inside the boat.

by anonymous
Thanks Reactiv for your reply ( only just noticed the replies)....

From what I've read on Leaky feeder cable use at 2.4Ghz the losses are so that the return comms from client devices may be  problem for any cable length over 1mtr, I'll need around 13-15 mtrs i think but definitely will look at trying it and will update the thread when I do.

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HI, I use the 955 on a 42 boat, it's grp, but mostly lined with aluminium backed insulation.

I used to have the 240, but "upgraded" as I was getting such poor WiFi range. Unfortunatly the 955 is not much better and it struggles to get over 8 meters, I have reported this as a problem, but never received a response. I stick with the 955 as the 3/4G performance is very good, but to get over the WiFi range problem I have to use another brand of AP.

You may want to use MESH routers to get full coverage, espically if the boat is steel.
by anonymous
Thanks for your reply, Interesting to hear about the poor wifi performance, I am using a 2nd access point at the moment to the rear which is wired to the RUT955 by ethernet but was just looking for a way to avoid powering a second access point as battery power conservation is important as you probably realise, Maybe i'll just need to stick with a second AP.