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Everything was fine when I disconnected my router 4 months ago. I changed no settings. Now over WiFi my devices do connect to the router but dont get acces to the RUT955, it asks for Authorization with Username and Password. DHCP is enabled and it used to asked only for the password.
Over LAN I do have a internet access over LTE, so no issue is not in the LTE connection.

I checked whether I should update my FW version, which is RUT9XX_R_00.02.419. But I cannot find my bootware version on the systems tab. Do I have to update the firmware as well as the bootware. If so, how should I proceed with the bootware?

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by anonymous

As you have a really old firmware version of RUT955, I would highly recommend updating your bootloader first.

This is the most stable version of bootloader that shouldn't cause any issues at all when updated.

How to update it:

After you've done with the bootloader, you can update the actual firmware right to the latest, just make sure you don't keep the settings.

Thanks, I'll follow the instructions asap and let you know the outcome.

Best Regards

Dear EB. I tried to update the bootlader according to the instructions, but this did not work. I could not reach after the reset. I cleared the cache of my browser, but that did not help.
Since this did not work I went to updating the firmware without updating the bootloader. And luckily this worked fine. I am now on FW Version RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5. After the FW update the system information tab now also shows the bootloader Version: 3.0.0. Everything seems to work fine again, no issues so far. I noticed however that the latest Bootloader Verision is 3.0.1. Should I try to update the bootloader to version 3.0.1 or leave it at 3.0.0 since this works fine?

Best regards,