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hello everyone

i'm using a telekom multisim for my iphone (main-sim) und the rutx11. given an online rutx11, when receiving a call the line is busy for the caller after just one ring on the iphone - so call is rejected.

switching off the rutx11 shows normal behaviour again - call is ringing till answered. testwise putting the 2nd sim into a netgear nighthawk m1 mobile router, behaviour is also normal and call is going through to iphone.

tried to find something in rutx11 settings as well as in help files but did not suceed so i'd be more then happy to receive an answer for my problem.

tx in advance - manfred

1 Answer

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If you'll go to RUTX11 WebUI > Services > Mobile Utilities > Call Utilities, you'll see that the default action for incoming calls is to "Reject".

You can put it to Ignore and it shouldn't cause you any issues anymore.


many thanks - that solved the issue!