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Hi guys,

I could need some advice with the following issue:

We are using the RUT955 to build up a connection via APN to Tele2 with a triple SIM. In the LAN is a setup of multiple devices in form of charging stations for emobility which are connecting to our backend URL. Unfortunately we are experiencing repeating issues in which the router loses the connection to the APN.  In the spotlight of Tele2 I see an abnormal release followed by 4 hours of trying to reconnect with timout and authentication problems and finally stopps trying to etablish a seesion to the APN. I need to send a reboot body via SMS to get the router building up a succesfull connection again. There is no authentication used for the APN. Is there any known issue about that. Are there any helpful options in the setup to influence this behavior? The issue occurs at multiple sites. Connections by the GSM-modems of the stations without the router are always stable.

Thanks for your support!

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by anonymous


For the issue of yours could you try applying Ping Reboot feature you can find details here: RUT955 Auto Reboot - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Also, I would like to confirm that you have manually input your APN to the device right? If yes could you try setting the device to QMI mode instead of PPP. Also, you can see in the Event logs on the networks there should be some log results are you able to see Unknown in the Operator type? If yes, I would recommend checking the Mobile Information how much RSRP, RSRQ,SINR and EC/IO are you receiving. 

For reference about these Mobile Parameters, you can check this link: Mobile Signal Strength Recommendations - Teltonika Networks Wiki (