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(F/W R_00.06.07) 

To preserve our connection, we have auto-reboot set as follows:-

  • reboot -> 5min interval, 4 retries, ping
  • modem-restart -> 5min interval, 3 retries, ping

As a fail-safe, the modem is set to do a periodic reboot at 23:30hours Mon-Sun, as these devices are out in the field. Occasionally, one of this will loose connection to the mobile network. Whilst the periodic reboot does take care of it, it may be down for several hours which is a problem for our customer.

Sometimes, we can send an SMS command to issue a "reboot" and other times, the RUT955 totally looses connection to the mobile network (so no SMS message will deliver to the device).  

  1. Why does the auto-reboot not do it's thing when the ping fails (and we have to rely on the periodic reboot)?
  2. Are there any kind of log-files that will give us a clue as to what is happening in these odd occasions?

1 Answer

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This is unexpected behavior. there could be an issue that you have two almost exact auto-reboot configurations simultaneously but without further logs, I cannot tell. You can download logs by navigating System > Administration > Troubleshoot and press the download button near troubleshoot entry. Please share this troubleshoot file with me via private message to investigate.

Best regards.
Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it rarely happens and if it does, then it's bound to be a RUT955 that is out in the field (and somewhere not easily accessible). Is there a way to "save" this troubleshooting data, so that we can recover it after the device has come back on-line (up-to 24 hours later if we rely on the periodic reboot)?