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Hello. I wonder if it is possible to turn of my main wired wan to use my failover wan (mobile) by sending an sms to Rut950?

Now I have made two profiles one with wired wan and failover (mobile connection) and one with only mobile connection. I can then switch between these two profiles by sending sms [pr "profile_name"]. It is working but takes some time to change profile so I hope there is a simple way to just turn of the main wan with sms.



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Actually, your selected method for controlling Wired WAN is quite good as there is no direct SMS utility to disable Wired WAN connection.

There is a way to disable Wired WAN with UCI commands, but for them to be executed it will probably take more time than just switching profiles with SMS.

uci set network.wan2.disabled='1'

uci set network.wan2.enabled='0'

uci commit network


These commands would need to be executed to disable Wired WAN and they must be sent as separate SMS, so I think it's easier for you to stay at profile switching.


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Thank you for the information. Then I continue with the solution I have.