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I am working with a Rut230, love the router but I am having problems setting up the Dynamic DNS. I am running off of a mobile network (exterior) to a lan network (interior).

It seems my only current problem is in the "Dynamic DNS", the "IP Address source", doesn't allow me to pick up an IP, and when it does allow an allocation, then it can't or doesn't provide the IP address to the DDNS. No-where is there an allocation for the WAN selection in this drop down box. It does show Wired(WAN2) and Wifi(WAN3). If it could just put the IP of the WAN in there it would solve the problem?
How do I do this?

Ideally I am connected to the Mobile(PPP) but when selecting this it gives me this error:
"can not detect local IP. Please select a different Source combination"?
What do I do now?

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Which DDNS service provider are you using in your RUT230 and also which FW version is installed in your router? There are few useful Wiki guides on how to configure your DDNS service, maybe you will solve your issue by reading and analyzing them:





My suggestion would be to try NoIP DDNS service, as it is the easiest to set it up and from there you could go further with other services.