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by anonymous


Recently I faced a popular problem with the Sim Card NO INSERTED status on RUT240 router.
Changing the settings and firmware upgrade didn't work so I started to analyze a hardware side to find a problem there.

I've checked connection between Quectel EC25 chip and card sim holder I it's turned out that RST pin leg was not well soldered and hangs in the air. (pic attached)

Correcting the connection helped and router is working correctly.

It is probably a production defect, considering how many people have the same problem.


Hope this will be helpful!

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by anonymous

Thank you for your feedback.

I'll check if it's a known issue and if it is - we will take proper actions.

by anonymous

We're registering such cases for information gathering purposes, could you please share this data with me?

- Your name or the Name of the company

- Full product code

- Number of units you bought in total

- Number of defected units.

- IMEI or S/N of the units that are defected.

Please send this information to me via private message.

by anonymous
Thanks for this post - out somewhere where I needed to get my router working asap, and repair/replace not really a great option. Symptoms were 2G/3G/4G blinking, tried two sims (one from a working RUT240), tried packing sim with electrical tape, factory reset - no luck. So I thought I'd have a look at this, for me two pins had suspect soldering on them (the one indicated and the one to the left). Resoldered them, and it is working nicely! Very glad I found this post - thanks projekt86!