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I'm developing an application where I have a PLC and a HMI screen mounted together in a box. The PLC and screen communicate using modbus. The PLC also needs to be connected to the enterprise Wi-Fi communicating Modbus TCP to a Modbus master sitting on the same network.
So, at the end, I would need a switch/bridge functionality, the switch to exchange data between the PLC and the HMI, and the bridge functionality to connect the PLC to the master over Wi-Fi.
As I'm planning to distribute multiple of these and it would be nice if there was some easy way of setting up new Rutx10 routers using a config file or something similar quick and effective.
Did any of this make any sense, and is it possible to solve this using a RUTX10?

I'm attaching a simple sketch to try to illustrate how I'm thinking, hope it helps making my question somewhat easier to understand.

And my appologies for the swedish influenced language. :)

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, that is not possible without software changes. RUTX10 Modbus slave functionality will only work with RUTX10 information only and it can't work transparently sending other connected devices information.

The thing you can do though is set-up RUTX10 as a slave device and one of the connected devices to it as a slave device too. (You will be able to use only one device connected to RUTX10 as a slave, as RUTX10 can only be one slave and can't be configured as multiple.)

Then what you going to do is port forward 502 port to PLC LAN IP port 502, so when Master is requesting data from RUTX10 - it will send a request to PLC instead.

Other way around is not possible without changes that will probably cost you - you should consider contacting sales manager about this if you're interested.