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I have a RUT850 with FW 00.01.04 and would very much like to use the sleep mode to speed up availability when starting the vehicle. The contrary is the case: WLAN becomes available  after ~42 seconds when waking up from sleep mode (independant of reason for sleeping) whereas it is available after ~35 seconds after power on. This does not make any sense to me. Do I do something wrong or expect something the sleep mode feature can not deliver? Then, what is it good for? I could simply cut power and will be up faster.

Other than this I am very happy with the device.

Thanks for you time

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Sleep mode is the function that automatically puts the router into standby mode after a user-specified delay. One of the main purposes of sleep mode is to lower power consumption. You can look up RUT850 power consumption parameters in various states here: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT850_Power_Consumption

You definitely can plug router's power off and on manually. Sleep mode is a feature designed for user convenience for this reason. It uses as little power as possible and starts router services once a certain condition is met (for example vehicle ignition). We could all agree that it is more convenient to have your router automatically start, rather than manually plug cable, especially in a vehicle.