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I put the question to which I have not been answered here:

I want to use the RUT955's power connector output port.

I need for example to connect a relay to the output (pin 4) of the Power Socket connector.

If for the other connectors the example of the open collector output (pin 3,4,8) is well explained here

I miss it, and I don't find in the wikis or in the diagrams a practical example for the output port (pin4) of the power connector, considering that pin 3 is an input and pin1,2 are power supply.

I hope I have explained, excuse for my poor english

Thanks in advance for the help

1 Answer

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I think you are searching for this diagram, it is created for RUT240 but everything applies to RUT955 too: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT240_Relay_to_Open_Collector_Output

Thank you very much, I think this indication should be included with the RUT955 model