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I have a rut 955 and its connected using the VPN server. I just bought an IP camera to connect to the teltonika for remote monitoring.I have followed everything step by step in this https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Camera_access_from_VPN for configuring, but still cannot access the GUI of the camera. The cam is recognized by the router as i can ping it from the CLI of the teltonika. But when i type my open VPN ip with the port number i don't see my cameras GUI.  I tried using different external ports ( eg: 81,88, etc) and my internal port is port 80, but couldnt reach it.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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Please check these options:

  • Have you set your camera to be on static settings and not auto DHCP ones? This way you would be sure that it's not changing its internal IP.
  • When you've been setting Port Forwarding, which IP you used for the source, and which IP you used for the destination? What ports you've used?
  • Does your OpenVPN have any configs that could somehow change the routing? Maybe your OpenVPN does not have client-to-client configuration set properly?
  • Did you make sure that your firmware version of the device is the latest? If not - please update it without keeping the settings and configure everything again.
updated answer

Hey its working for me now as i turned the masquerading on for the lan. Thank you