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Hi there,

I need to be able to change the connection type of a RUTX11 from QMI to PPP, this is required for us to be able to obtain a static IP address with Optus here in Australia

I've looked everywhere in the configuration but can't find it.

We have a RUT955 and it was under the mobile configuration page

We are running firmware RUTX_R_00.02.06.1 

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By default, QMI is the main connection type on all RUTX devices and cannot be changed. What I would suggest is asking your operator if QMI connection is really that impossible from their side? Even if it's QMI - it still supports Point-to-point mode.

Just make sure your device and modem firmware are the latest ones.

Thanks EB for the reply.

That is really frustrating that the RUTX don't support PPP, the carrier only supports PPP for static IP address assignment.

Why don't the RUTX support the PPP?

Cheers PP
QMI and PPP only difference is communication with the modem, with the operator it shouldn't do any difference as it is the modem that is making contact with the operator. Have you made sure that you're connected to the operator properly? Maybe you tried a manual connection?

Are you missing a data connection?

How about the question where I asked you about modem and device firmware?