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I'm currently working near Congo, and to activate a data plan you have to dial in an activation code into your phone which then returns a menu which you have to navigate by using numbers which is fine usingmy phone, but is there any way to do this in my RUTX11?

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No, you will not be able to do this exactly this way.

Maybe your operator uses USSD commands and implemented a way to activate data plan with them, then you can find where to execute them on Network > Mobile page.

Also, maybe your operator lets you activate a data plan with SMS? You can send SMS in Services > Mobile utilities > Messages.

If nothing from above is possible with your operator, please activate the data plan on your phone and reinsert the SIM back into RUTX11.


Yes I believe it is USSD commands which i'm meaning. Like to activate my data package I need to dial this: *121*1*4*1*2#

Where exactly can I find these commands in the mobile page?


I have just updated my firmware and can now see the USSD tool in the Mobile page..

thank you very much