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RUT950 is IP passthrough bridge mode and it provides connection to our Watchguard T20 firewall.

Both SIM cards are configured to passthrough with same Watchguard external port MAC-address.

Now testing SIM switching to another operator SIM, switching went well, but traffic from Watchguard firewall to internet doesn't, any idea?

All works if I perform manual restart for Watchguard T20 after SIM swicthing.

3 Answers

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by anonymous

I'm not sure how Watchguard T20 works, but have you tried looking if there's anything particular in that device that could detect a network change? Maybe it needs an update on the gateway or something similar to that.

Is Watchguard set to DHCP mode or is it using the static connection?

As it's not the RUT950 that needs restarting, but your Watchguard - I believe it's better to look for the answers from their support.

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Ok, while ago I set Watchguard external to static and now traffic to internet works. But BO VPN tunnel not come up, maybe I continue with Watchguard support. WG have ike keep-alive and dead peer notification, tested both but no success, WG logs "IKE SA is mature".
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Problem solved, WG T20 external interace configured to static IP. RUT950 both SIM configured to NAT, passthrough just doesn't work with WG T20 BO VPN.

Made also few port forward rules to WG's static address for WG administration.