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Is Zerotier Multipath supported on RUTX11?

Found this - https://community.teltonika-networks.com/22877/zerotier-multi-path-support-for-rutx12?show=22877#q22877 and have asked the same question but no response yet.

Multipath would be really great to have working on Teltonika....

Thanks in advance.


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As RUTX11 shares the same firmware as RUTX12 - yes it will work.


Thanks EB.  This has me hopeful but when you check status you get something like:

 "address": "xxxxxxxxx",
 "clock": xxxxxxxxx,
 "config": {
  "physical": null,
  "settings": {
   "allowTcpFallbackRelay": false,
   "bind": null,
   "controllerDbPath": null,
   "multipathMode": 2,
   "portMappingEnabled": true,
   "primaryPort": 9993,
   "rabbitmq": null,
   "softwareUpdate": "disable",
   "softwareUpdateChannel": "release"
 "multipath": null,
 "online": true,
 "planetWorldId": xxxxxxxx,
 "planetWorldTimestamp": xxxxxxxxx,
 "publicIdentity": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
 "tcpFallbackActive": false,
 "version": "1.4.6",
 "versionBuild": 0,
 "versionMajor": 1,
 "versionMinor": 4,
 "versionRev": 6

So Im not so sure it is using multipath

According to ZT Manual - https://www.zerotier.com/manual/#2_1_5     We should get something like this::

Monitoring a multipath link  this example shows traffic split roughly evenly across the paths on separate physical interfaces.

"settings": {
    "multipathMode": 2


"multipath": {
  "9f47c03a5b": {
   "aggregateLinkLatency": 25,
   "aggregateLinkPacketDelayVariance": 6,
   "paths": [
     "address": "",
     "allocation": 0.512172758579254,
     "ifname": "phy0",
     "latency": 13.0,
     "stability": 0.820895612239838
     "address": "2605:e000:1600:c315:0000:ff0b:eca2:452c/9993",
     "allocation": 0.487827271223068,
     "ifname": "wlan0",
     "latency": 30.0,
     "stability": 0.772978186607361
  So I'm not convinced this is working yet.  It is made harder because the current package version 1.4.6 does not support ZT commandd such as zerotier-cli bond list or listbonds  https://zerotier.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/568459265/Multipath

Any thoughts on how we can verify that this is working?

1.4.6 doesn't really support multipath.

See https://community.teltonika-networks.com/26094/rutx12-and-zerotier?show=26094#q26094 how to build 1.6.2.

@teltonika, when can we expect an updated zerotier version in the packet manager on rutx11/rutx12?

Especially on rutx12, it would enable easy traffic aggregation.

Thanks ollinist!

Yes I had seen that post and was building that also.  I now have 1.6.4 installed. When I try and see if Multipath is working though with zerotier-cli -j status I do not see both paths like in https://www.zerotier.com/manual/#2_1_5%C2%A0or with zerotier-cli listbonds shows "none".    Any tips?  Did you manage to get it working?.  Would be great if Teltonika would provide an updated package and a bit more support on it....

Hi guys,

Any ideas how to validate this?

Thanks in advance