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Hi, I have the rut950.
It has starten to disconnect from the internett and doesn't reconnect. (which id did earlier)
How can I see / extract logs to see what, when, why this is happening ?

Ps; I dont have the remote cloud system, since i'm using this private in cabin - and also the cloud system is way to expensive :-/

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by anonymous


You should be able to view the logs by executing logread command in CLI.

Also, you could download the whole package with logs from System > Administration > Troubleshoot and click download next to Troubleshoot file. In that package you'll find logs, configuration files, and more things that could be useful while troubleshooting the issue, this is the main package that clients send to us if they want it to be looked at.


Thank you! This is good info!
I will investigate as soon as I get to the cabin to check whats wrong.

I want to learn/know if the Operator(LTE) stalled my connection, disconnected the device and why it did not automatic reconnect.
Guessing using the SMS-feature to reboot the device would be nice to use. Can use this without having a prescription?
by anonymous

Yes, you should be able to reboot the router with SMS without configuring anything as this is already prepared for use.

Just send SMS to your SIM in the router in this syntax adminpassword reboot