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by anonymous
Hello, I use the TM11Q to configure the GPS tracking Device from Teltonika.

I have problems with my Old TM11Q modem and I would like to use the new TRM250.

Will be this device compatible with FOTA desktop?

1 Answer

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Hello Geo1,

Could you please elaborate whether you currently have a ModemCOM with TM11q, or an FM tracker?

TRM250 is more like ModemCOM rather than FM tracker. All communication with TRM250 modem is via terminal only (i.e. putty.exe), and only via AT commands. There is no software for TRM250 configuration.

So depending on what you want to accomplish, TRM250 may or may not be suitable.

Hope this helps
by anonymous
The TM11Q is used to configure remotely the FM Devices From Teltonika. This modem is working wit a Soft "FOAT DESKTOP" and it is a MODEM COM.

There is a Soft Called MCT (from Teltonika) working together this Modem.

I need replace this TM11Q for another one Modem