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To whom may concern,

I am writing to ask a question regarding the new product RUT300. As I have seen in the datasheet it is written that the LAN can be configured as secondary WAN. Does it mean that I can configure all the 4LAN ports as WAN so I can increase my device internet bandwidth?

If positive or negative I am wondering how?

Thank you in advance.


My Email address:
by anonymous

To whom may concern, I am contacting from Talash Tose e Nik Arya Routers sales team association:

I have checked the datasheets for this device and also the banking solution. I have found many unmatched data as follows:

  1. In the website it says the LAN ports are 10/100/1000 Mbps but the data sheet says something else.
  2. Another issue is that the device on the website says it has a dual band wi-fi ? but there is no wi-fi antenna on RUT300. Is that correct?
As it concerns me and my customers, these questions are escalated in our daily commercial negotiations, and I am wondering if I could use the help of the experts.
P.S: Some screenshots of the website's data is attached below.

2 Answers

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by anonymous
In general each interface can be configure as you need.

You right LAN = network card , WAN = a other network interface.

4LAN port ar the same network interface, the bandwidh is share . You can load balance over 2 networks interfaces but for the webui interface is more a FAILOVER, nothing relatif to loadbalancing the trafic by IP destination, source, mac or IP
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by anonymous

Are you sure that you're looking at the right page?

Here it states everything correctly and there's nothing said about WiFi. Any chance you've stumbled upon that RUT300 page when it was in the middle of editing?