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by anonymous
It look pppoe simply not work,

I'm on a ultra strandard case when i use a ADSL Modem as secondary WAN gateway. Unfortunally the PPPOE documentation exemple provide by Teltonika use a LAN port. (30 years of IT and never see it case).

Do that mean:  ONLY LAN port can make a DHCP resquest over a PPPOE ?

Do that mean:  MUST use VLAN by port for permit the native WAN port to be a LAN-PPPOE ?

The Modem setting is right,  because i use it as modem from 6 years ago coupled with a OPNSense, and pppoe link.

i suppect RUTX devices have no capability to use a ADSL link as secondary WAN gateway , if someone can confirm that to me,, no big deal for me, it work like a charm with OPNSense.

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by anonymous
SOLVE by create a new Firewall Area
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by anonymous
could you describe me how you modify a Firewall?
I've the same problem.