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by anonymous


i am new to these products, but like them already.  i had a successful test when i proxied remotely to a laptop running apache with 'hello world' on regular port 80.  now i am doing a real life test with webcams (axis P1427-E) and i ran into an issue:

the webcam, for some old reason, has .shtml file extensions for its web interface.  the proxy connects properly, but then
- in firefox: it wants to download the file (save as)
- in chrome: it displays it as source code (like a txt file).

i assume that the unusual file extension somehow confuses the proxy?  is there a possibility to allow .shtml to be parsed like regular html files?

thanks a lot for some insights and greetings from switzerland,

sample url like it looks when connected with ipad on wlan to the rut240

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by anonymous

This shouldn't have anything in common with our routers. If you could confirm that any other networking devices, except Teltonika, works normally with the same set-up and .shtml extensions - then I could report this to RnD for further investigation, but now it looks like it could be the WEB camera itself.

by anonymous
hello ernestas

hmmm, we have about 15 of these cameras in use and i never had any problems connecting to them in LAN, WLAN or so.  also, neither on pc, firefox, chrome, ipad or iphone.

as said, when i connect with my ipad to the rut router using wlan, i can access directly totally fine.  see screenshot above (firefox on ipad, as your admin interface does not really work well with safari (drop down menues in main navigation don't work).

regards, lukas
by anonymous
I see, thank you for your message.

I will report this to RnD and see what they can do about that .shtml parsing.