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Hi, I'm thinking about using rut240s for data aqusition with pyhton via the serial port. Is this possible concerning disk space?

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Python itself is too large to be installed on RUT240's internal memory. However, "python base" can be installed on the router. That can be done by connecting to router via SSH:

  • SSH login: root
  • SSH password: <your router's password>

and executing the following commands:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install python3-base

Also, take note, that RUT240 does not have any serial (RS232/RS485) ports. From Teltonika routers, only RUT955 has these ports.

I tried exactly this on a RUT955. I get

"verify_pkg_installable: Only have 580kb available on filesystem /overlay, pkg python-light needs 1207"

I uninstalled strongswan and it's dependencies, but NOTHING changed in /overlay, checked by the df command.

Also, I deleted 2.4 MB of files inside /overlay/upper/usr/lib (left from a failed installation of python3), still the free memory of /overlay doesn't change (or even decreases slightly).

How can I free up space there?


It seems my previous message had a mistake in it:

 - "Python light" size is about 7.2 MB, while "Python base" size is around 2.2 MB.

 - Since on RUT955 there is only 3-4 MB of free space, can be easily installed, while installing "Python light" would require to remove a lot of existing router's functionalities.

In this case reset your device to factory default settings (just in case any important files were deleted, or if any downloaded data is still present in the router) and then try to perform same procedure, but this time use "opkg install python3-base" command.

I will update my above comment to avoid similar confusions in the future. Sorry for this misunderstanding.