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Hello, I would activate the mobile network from the router by pushing and external button connected to the router.

Is it possible to do that with the RUT range of LTE routers ?

in the meantime i would link this conenction to a LED on the face of the cabinet to be sure i do not forget to switch f the network after a while.

many thanks to support !

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I believe the Input / Output features of the RUT955 should help you with that, it's unfortunate that we don't have an action to disable the mobile modem or its connection, but you can do Change SIM card action if you do not have anything inserted in another SIM slot, this will also disable the use of the SIM1 by swapping it to empty SIM2 slot.


You should find all the information needed in this wiki page.

Hello Thnaks for the feedback.

it is a pitty, because we can activate or desactivate the wifi but not the mobile!

Do you know if this can be a feature to push to the deve team of Teltonika?