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I have an RUT850 and cant see the option in wireless UI to configure multiple stations as shown in the RUT955 manual. Is this a limitation of the RUT850?

Can the RUT955 (or any other supported models) support the ability to connect in station mode to more than one wifi network in station mode simultaneously. The application we have is one network for WAN failover (for when vehicle is parked at a base with building wifi) and simultaneously connect to vehicles own telematics local AP. The aim is to be able to access the vehicles private network via both the building wifi when parked and 4g when mobile.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this will be gratefully received.

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, you can't have more than one connections to the access points on our devices. As you have only one WiFi module - you can make only one connection at a time.

Though it's possible for the router to remember the WiFi connections that are possible for it to connect, so in case one drops down - router will try to connect to another AP after that.