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Hello I have a problem to solve: I have an Openvpn on a RUT240 router, whose subnet ( is fully reachable from the OpenVPN server. The address of the router's lan port is, from this router I have to go to query a PLC with IP, (which is not in the subnet defined in the OpenVPN server and is outside the router's lan) I can use the port Wired WAN, giving it the IP address on the PLC subnet and creating a port forward? The PLC I have to query it on port 502 (Modbus TCP), for example, from the PC where the openVPN server is installed, I will have to call the PLC like this and the port forward should route the packet to the wired WAN port of the Router , I don't know if it's feasible .. Thank you

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Are your OpenVPN and LAN networks in the same subnet?

Who assigned the IP to your PLC? should it be in your LAN network?

The wan port can be used as LAN --> https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT240_LAN#Advanced_Settings