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by anonymous

I have successfully configured RUTX12 that I have 2 separate LAN interfaces, they are isolated one to another, first has 3 LAN ports + 1 5+2.4g WLAN and traffic out goes only through SIM1, second one has 1 LAN port + 1 5+2.4g WLAN and traffic out goes through SIM2 or WAN port.

I would like to disable Internet access (SIM1) for WiFi client in first LAN, how could that be done ?

Thank you

1 Answer

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by anonymous


You can achieve it just by creating a new "traffic rule" in firewall.

Further details could be seen here:




by anonymous
Ok, thnk you will try that.

I am also doing another config of RUTX12 where I would like to have failover between SIM1,SIM2 and WAN , 2 APs of which one would have Internet access and other not. LAN and both APs need to communicate between each other.

If I create just than I cannot restrict only WiFi2 from accessing internet right ?

If I create LAN2 with DHCP and put WiFi2 into, how to make WiFi2 communicate with LAN1 and WiFi1 which is in LAN1 ?

Thank you
by anonymous

With the help of traffic rules you can achieve multiple like you can disallow the network , the specific range or the specific mac address , specific interface , you can simply play with source address , destination address, action . 

For allowing traffic between two difference LANS you can use action accept. 

Thank you.