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We recently purchased the RUT950 and from the start we had some issues where the connection would drop every few minutes. I logged into the divice and noticed there was a firmware upgrade suggested within the admin software, so I went ahead and let it install, hoping an update would fix our issue. But ever since then, I can't log into the device anymore. Our Wifi password has changed and it seems like the default admin01 password also no longer works, as it is too short. So apparantly the firmware upgrade has set a different default 8 char password on the Wifi. (which I can see in my available wifi networks)

Aside from that, I also can't connect to the admin panel anymore when I connect it via UTP directly to my computer. It just doens't load any page, so I can't log in to change the password.

Any suggestions on how I could go about fixing this? I've already tried resetting it, without success.

Thank you.

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Thank you for contacting.

Please try to reflash device firmware in bootloader menu.

follow the steps in this link:


I hope it helps.