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Facing problem after modem run over 20 hours without restart.

1) Under Mobile Information > Operator state > become Timeout

2) unable to receive sms or send sms

3) remote login using SSH

  • gsmctl -q return Timeout

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Good day,

May i know what is the firmware on the device ?

Did you tried the latest firmware ?

I can see that you are able to ping

Is the issue only with sms receiving and sending ? or there is not internet connectivity as well ?

If network state is timeout there should be no connectivity.

Are you using both the mobile antennas?

Can you share ss for the mobile information ?

What is the APN ? Is auto ? Have you tried keeping it on manual ? ( You can simply uncheck auto then the custom APN will itself appear in the field and you can simply save )




by anonymous
Firmware version=RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5

Issue only send and receiving sms. Internet connection OK

Antenna on the left side of sim1 are connected.

Have try to set the APN manually. But it happen again.

May i know what is ss for the mobile information?
by anonymous

This problem happen and it will recover after few hours.

by anonymous


It is recommended to use both the mobile antennas . 

Further could you check in the storage if the storage memory or sim memory is not full.

Also have you tried inserting the sim card in the mobile or other device ? Just to check if sim card is working fine in sending and receiving the sms.

Mobile information meaning Status>Network>Mobile . 

After trying all above please try to re-flash firmware in boot loader mode .

Steps for updating firmware in bootloader menu could be seen here:

I hope it helps

If you need more help please feel free to contact back.

Thanks .

Have  a nice day.