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I have setup an RU955 to swap from SIM 1(Primary) to SIM 2 and SIM 2 back to SIM 1 on the same conditions, same network, same SIM type of 95GB, testing that has resulted in the limit been on SIM 1 reached but the unit has gone offline instead of correctly swapping to SIM 2, both are active and confirmed working on the ISPs network.

Also as a matter of interest, when looking at this specific device on Teltonika RMS, it shows a significantly larger amount of data has been used, specifically 261GB, than what the RUT955 believed it had used, 95GB (SIM1 only).

Any help from someone with similar case uses would be appreciated.


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by anonymous

Could you give screenshots of what data consumed looks like on your operator side and what's showing on RMS?

Also, you could check Status > Graphs > Connections to see packets moving and their destination, this way maybe you will see where the data is going and what RMS is miscounting.

And you're saying that RMS is showing your device as offline, but ISP sees it as online, is that correct? Is there any way for you to physically check what WebUI Overview page says about the connection when RMS shows it as offline? Or your device is in some remote location and there's no one to check it?


Thanks for the quick reply.

The device is in a remotely location, so it will be difficult to do that, however I watched remotely it as it reached 95GB/95GB limit I had set, and then as it was due to SIM swap immediately went offline. Access will now mean going to the location. In terms of the graph I know what is using the data so that's not an issue.

The ISP sees the SIMs as active on their network from a registered/handshake point of view, basically I don't believe it to be a network issue on their part as we tested both SIMs in both slots before we left the device. The device is connected to a VPN server as a client, and neither the VPN nor RMS can reach it and see it as offline now. It is also no longer replying to SMS commands from either SIM 1 or SIM 2.
by anonymous
It's weird as the modem has to answer the SMS commands even if there is no data connection established, so maybe the modem somehow gone down. Next time you could try a ping-reboot feature that should restart the router / modem, depends on what is more comfortable for your use-case.

This way your router will be restarted automatically on lost connection with data.

Obviously, you would need to set higher check retries number than it's on the SIM swap feature so the router would reboot only if it already tried switching the SIM cards.


However as an example, this is another RUT955 we the exact same setup.

For usage in the time period between 2021-03-12 and 2021-03-26:

RUT955 Data usage:

RMS for the same device:

Auto reboot is also setup and enabled by ping reboot, it attempts to ping the obvious ones, google DNS, secondary DNS, cloudflare and the host VPN server it is connected to and should reboot but has not.