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Getting timeout when modem on for 20 hours without restart.
Able to online and ssh into the system. Unable to read sms and send sms.
Firmware version = RUT9xx_R_00.06.07.5
Already fill in APN


Hi There,

I am trying to troubleshoot a similar issue - So I wanted to ask this question, since it is not clear from your post.

"Have you been able to successfully send and receive SMS messages on your RUT955 at any time previously?"



Hi Mac,

Yup. Our system did received and reply sms every 2~3 hours interval.

This problem happen twice within a week.

I'm having the same problem with a TRB140.

- Initially I could send send an SMS (did via http://192.168.X.Y/cgi-bin/sms_send?username=xxx&password=yyy&number=0123456789&text=message

- I can still read SMS via http://192.168.X.Y/cgi-bin/sms_read?username=xxx&password=yyy&number=1

- When I now try to send via GUI or URL, I get a timeout and no message is sent.

I found out I was using 2 different SIM cards and one did not allow sending SMS. This was causing the problem

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Is there a pattern in this issue? Is it happening exactly every 20 hours? If you restart the modem - will it timeout again after exactly 20 hours?

If yes, could you please, when you get the timeout - download a troubleshoot file from System > Administration > Troubleshoot and send it to me via private message?

It is important that you download troubleshoot AFTER the timeout message appeared.

Hi EB,

I need more time to test on the 20 hours pattern. Will update you once i get the Troubleshoot when timeout.

Hi EB,

I think the 20 hours pattern is not often. It work fine and the router uptime approx 32hours. But this happen twice within a week when the router uptime arround 20 hours.

Router uptime 1d 8h 22m 29s (since 2021-03-29, 15:06:28)
Could you maybe try another SIM card and see if the issue occurs? Would be nice if you had another operator run for the same time as the one you had problems with.
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Thank you for the info!