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Hello, I have a RUTX12 connected inside an outdoor antenna, model QuMax XR2. I was looking for a practical and performing solution to power the rutx12 and serve a wired LAN network in a home. Also, I wanted to know if it is possible to configure the rutx12 to use the voice service included in the sim that I also use for the data service.

Sincerely, Angelo Valerio.


Ciao Angelo!

I have the same setup. I use a Ubiquiti 24V passive PoE injector (POE-24-12W-G )  https://www.ui.com/accessories/poe-adapters/ to power my setup. It works fine with a 30m Cat6 Cable. However the maximum power consumption of the RUTX12 is 22W so this PoE unit might be a little bit under powered depending on use case and load. You can also use a passive PoE injector like this https://mikrotik.com/product/RBGPOE#fndtn-downloads if you already have a suitable power supply. Make sure to consider power loss in the cable depending on length. Check this PoE calculator out http://poe-world.com/Calculator/



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Thank you for contacting. 

For the powering options please refer here:

With the help of Rutx12 its not possible to use voice services like normally we do with our phones using sim cards. Rutx12 cannot make calls. 

I hope it helps.

Thank you.