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by anonymous


Perhaps I'm simply missing a setting or looking at this silly, but I've set an RUT955 to swap SIM once SIM1(Primary) reaches a data limit to SIM2(Backup).

I've been testing this and found while the SIM swap does occur, the unit goes offline, immediately SIM swaps back to SIM 1 and reboots due to auto reboot settings I've enabled.

I decided to test this further to try and come up with a solution as to what I was doing wrong, or if there was something wrong with the unit.

I set data limit to 10mb and reached that on the router to test.

See images below of setup & issue:

SIM 1 Data limit setup

SIM 2 Data limit left disabled

SIM 1 to SIM 2 Swap settings

SIM 2 to SIM 1 data swap settings

The result from the system logs of what happened when 10MB data was used as a test case:

As you can see the SIM swap went off correctly, but then it immediately swapped back to SIM 1 with no conditions to do so?

The unit went offline locally and on Teltonika RMS, then the auto reboot I had setup kicked in a few min later and rebooted it back to an active connection using SIM 1:

Any ideas why it didn't swap to SIM 2 and remain there on an active connection? Something basic I'm missing or has anyone similar experiences with this basic functionality not working?

Both SIMs are active on the ISPs network, and when put in any other device or simply swapped work correctly and start passing data as soon as network handshaking etc is done.

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by anonymous


Does the issue persist with the latest release (FW RUT9)? 

On SIM2 select conditions when it should come back to SIM1. 

Also, test with bigger amount of data (if possible with 50-100 MB)