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by anonymous

We have been delivering our application to +100 machines. Basic concept is to have rugger tablet with build in 4g modem and external GPS system. We would like now to move away from internal 4g modem to your very lovely products. Main point would be that we can connect rugged tablet to your modem with cable and get both the very good 4g connection together with GPS positioning. Sadly we have noticed that to get GPS coordinates, we would need atleast on rut955 o have server on our rugged tablet.

Is there other modems that would have this GPS server working inside modem?

Our developer has not been able to build this GPS Server to be started and working from inside our windows client software build around net framework. WOuld you have some ready made code or libraries for this usage?

If we would get this working, we are speaking about instant order of 30modems or so and more to come.

Best Regards,

Toni Hämeenniemi

Solution architect, Piimega Oy

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting and showing interest in our product.

We do we have AVL server configurations in device. You can configure any third party platform .

We don't have any built in server in our device .

Thank you.

Have a good day.


by anonymous

So basically there is no offline usage possibility? If there machine is outside mobile network, there is noway to use modem's GPS location locally?

Best regards,

Toni Hämeenniemi
by anonymous


There is possibility to get GPS coordinates locally as well . 

Like on hercules http server etc. But regarding the GPS map you need to check online.