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by anonymous

I am using  devices/nodes to gather data (temperature, presure etc). in a Camper. These use Lorawan to transmit to a Gateway which sends the data by wifi to the cloud.(I use The Internet of Things.). At the moment I have a  Rut 955 with LTE which I use as accespoint for this gateway.

I wonder if I can skip the seperate Gateway? . So  can the RUT955 be implemented as gateway for the The Things Network? Is a specific Pakkage for the Rut 955 needed to do so?
by anonymous
RUT955 doesn't have the hardware to act as a LoRaWAN gateway. It doesn't have LoRaWAN radios integrated.

There are products from other vendors that integrate LoRaWAN, WiFi, LTE and a couple of Ethernet ports into a single device that can function as a LoRaWAN gateway for The Things Network. One example is the Dragino LG308 with optional LTE module.

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by anonymous

Unfortunately, you cannot skip your separate gateway because at this moment our RUT955 (or other products) does not support LoraWan. I suppose your device/nodes only capable to send data using LoraWan. Also, our RUT955 firmware is OpenWRT based and you would need to check if there is a package available of that service that you are using as a Cloud.